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Most Reliable Asset Recovery Agencies

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2020 Internet Crime Report includes information from 791,790 complaints of suspected internet crime, an increase of more than 300,000 complaints from 2019, and reported losses exceeding $4.2 billion.

The US isn’t alone; statistics from law enforcement agencies worldwide show fraud cases continue to rise year after year; it’s a global phenomenon.

Because scammers run their schemes online, their operations have scaled up rapidly. While organised cybercriminals operate across borders, law enforcement agencies are restricted from investing in crimes conducted overseas, making it nearly impossible to prosecute offenders and recover stolen assets.

Although the statistics are alarming, sadly, the numbers are vastly underreported. Victims of fraud feel embarrassed for being duped by a too-good-to-be-true scheme and don’t want the stigma that comes from the victim-blaming culture with these types of offences.

Considering the poor track record of traditional paths to justice, it’s no surprise victims seek services from asset recovery firms specialising in investigating cybercrime and online fraud.ADVERTISEMENT. SCROLL TO CONTINUE READING.

The growing demand for asset recovery has led to new players entering the market. However, not all asset recovery firms you’ll find online are experienced or have a successful track record. In this article, we’ve carefully researched and reviewed the top asset recovery firms for 2021 to help you recover your recent losses.

1. Cybersphere Security Ltd

The first company highlighted in this review of top asset recovery agencies is Cybersphere Security Ltd.. This firm specializes in the recovery of monetary assets stolen by online perpetrators and scammers. It’s a UK-based consulting company with a team of lawyers, investigators, analysts and cybersecurity engineers.

Depending on the complexity of your case, there could be several specialists from different fields working on your case. We appreciated Cybersphere Security most because the company offers a personal recovery agent, a dedicated point of contact overseeing your case. They offer asset recovery services from binary options scams, investment scams, romance scams, and other internet-based scams.

The internet is plagued with scams that don’t just steal money; they steal dreams, dignity and ruin lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled the digitisation of many services. In response, scammers have created new and sophisticated ways to trick people into giving them their hard-earned cash. Thankfully companies like Cybersphere Security help individuals and companies recover stolen funds. According to the company’s statistics, the company has successfully recovered US$17 million on behalf of 1,239 cases and successfully shut down 186 scams.

Cybersphere Security Ltd. is the most professional and knowledgeable company we’ve reviewed from our mystery shopper exercise and analysis.

2. E-Wealth Refunds LLC

E-Wealth Refunds LLC is a well-known asset recovery firm based in Florida, USA. The firm’s expertise encompasses binary options, forex, and cryptocurrency-related frauds. Additionally, the company offers corporate solutions such as risk and crisis management.

E-Wealth Refunds is recognised for expertise and positive results in asset recovery. The company uses tried and tested strategies to help clients recover their funds. The initial consultation is free, and the fees charged after asset recovery is complete are relatively low compared to other top firms in the same niche.ADVERTISEMENT. SCROLL TO CONTINUE READING.

In most cases, the recovery process takes approximately six months. Since the company launched, it recovered millions of dollars for clients, and the firm boasts an enviable success rate of 87 per cent.

3. Grant Thornton International

Grant Thornton is one of the largest accounting, auditing and professional services companies. Grant Thornton operates in over 130 countries with 56,000 employees.

One of the many areas this company works is cybersecurity and IT consulting, which encompasses providing clients with support related to the recovery of their lost or stolen assets.

As Grant Thornton is a professional service company, the firm only cooperates with companies or high net worth individuals, making their service unrealistic for most people.

4. FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting is a business advisory firm that provides an array of professional services to corporations. FTI stands for Forensic Technologies International. The company was founded in 1982 by two engineers to provide expert witnesses for litigation and create visual presentations explaining complex technical issues for juries.

Although FTI Consulting is one of the largest cybersecurity investigation companies, it usually works on large projects rather than helping individuals. For example, FCI Consulting was involved in the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, General Motors bankruptcy, the investigation into the Bernard Madoff fraud, and the notorious Bush vs Gore case.

In Conclusion

Asset recovery is the best method for recovering any stolen funds from online fraud crimes. Traditional methods, such as reporting to your local police department or online crime agency, typically yield poor results. In most cases, the only actions pursued are warning others about the risk to prevent it from recurring. The problem with this approach is victims never see justice, let alone their funds recovered. Meanwhile, scammers just rebrand and relaunch their schemes.

Asset recovery firms are like private detectives; they are not bound by jurisdiction and departments, meaning they can go above and beyond to recover the stolen money and collect evidence to help the authorities seek prosecution.

To recap our review of the best asset recovery agencies of 2021, we found Cybersphere Security to be the most suitable and equipped to work with the average person.